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RECONDITIONED energy production systems


Sale of rebuild equipment

At Finanzauto we sell reconditioned and rebuilt generator sets, industrial engines and marine engines. Finanzauto reconditions and rebuilds Caterpillar engines for all applications.

Carefully checked equipment

Finanzauto guarantees a review under high quality standards.

Different modalities

There are refurbishments certified by CAT® and refurbishments certified by Finanzauto.

Simple and comfortable

You have the option to hand over your equipment in exchange.

Purchase of equipments

Finanzauto buys equipment all over the world. Contact us to sell your generator or engine.

Cross purchase

We buy equipment in almost any condition, regardless of its location, current operating condition, or age.

Global company

We are a global company with great purchasing power and the ability to mobilize capital and logistics quickly. We buy units anywhere in the world, we have global reach to transport from any location.


Our buyers have years of experience evaluating and verifying equipment to ensure you get the best deal on the right terms with reduced risk and fast transactions.


Cat certified Rebuilt 3516B Diesel Generator Set

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C18 diesel generator set Rebuilt

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Do you want to sell an equipment?

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