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Power Solutions

Official CAT® Dealer in Spain

After a long journey, it is time to get ready for the summer season.

It is coming a beautiful summer season. Make sure you have everything you need for a hassle free enjoying. Request us information about our offers on spare parts, fluids and consumables for your engines. Highly skilled technical service, when and whereas you need it, 24/365. 94% of parts in 24 hours. First Owners Sea Trials*, free inspections (TA1) and warranty extensions available for new, used, and overhauled engines.

Worldwide coverage through CAT Concierge.

*Pendent of CAT terms and conditions.

Worldwide Network

With the fastest response time available, and qualified, experienced field service technicians with the expertise and equipment to quickly diagnose and fix problems, customer uptime is maximized. Our technicians know Cat and MaK products and solutions, and deliver the same world-class support to customers – wherever and whenever they need it.


Extended Service Coverage

Extended Service Coverage (ESC) from Caterpillar increases this reliability as far out as you want to go — with complete confidence. We offer total coverage for new, used, and overhauled engines, and, because it is transferable. ESC protects against unexpected repair bills and rising parts/labor costs by providing 100% parts and labor reimbursement for covered components (less any applicable deductible).

Choose from a variety of options:

Complete Solutions

High-speed and medium-speed propulsion, auxiliary and generator set solutions

Optional dual fuel, diesel-electric, and hybrid system configurations

SCR systems

Complete propulsion systems

LNG fuel gas systems

Comprehensive global customer support and aftersales solutions

CAT Propulsion Engines



Power: 507 mhp

RPM: 2.900

Max. Dimensions: 1,095 x 0,876 x 0,798 (le x h x we)



Power: 483 mhp

RPM: 2.300

Max. Dimensions: 1,452 x 1,093 x 0,978 (le x h x we)



Power: 1150 mhp

RPM: 2.300

Max. Dimensions: 1,931 x 1,300 x 1,204 (le x h x we)



Power: 1.622 mhp

RPM: 2.300

Max. Dimensions: 2,284 x 1,587 x 1,528 (le x h x we)



Power: 2.000 bhp

RPM: 2.300

Max. Dimensions: 2,106 x 1,445 x 1,482 (le x h x we)



Power: 2.587 mhp

RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 2,669 x 2,242 x 2,232 (le x h x we)



Power: 2585 mhp

RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 2,624 x 2,222 x 2,037 (le x h x we)



Power: 3.434 mhp

RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 3,761 x 2,150 x 2,142 (le x h x we)



Power: 3.433 mhp

RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 3,192 x 2,225 x 2,284 (le x h x we)

Gensets and Auxiliary Engines



Max. kVA: 15

Max. RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 1,095 x 0,711 x 0,608 (le x h x we)



Max. kVA: 20

Max. RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 1,290 x 0,775 x 0,628 (le x h x we)



Max. kVA: 148

Max. RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 2,037 x 1,999 x 0,986 (le x h x we)



Max. kVA: 250

Max. RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 2,582 x 1,583 x 0,993 (le x h x we)



Max. kVA: 375

Max. RPM: 1.800

Max. Dimensions: 2,179 x 1,436 x 1,260 (le x h x we)

Powertrain Control Systems

MSCS – Multi-Station Control System for Conventional Drive Systems

MSCS provides engine and transmission control for single or dual engine applications with up to eight control stations. Control can be easily transferred from one station to another and the fully redundant backup system ensures propulsion system operation if the primary control system fails. Transmission shift logic prevents stalling the engine during quick shifting maneuvers.

CMD AI Guide Cover Image Rev1

Cat Marine Displays (CMD)

The Cat Marine Display (CMD) provides the operator with easy-toread, high resolution graphics to monitor all vessel operations. The configurable screen allows for full user customization and visual simplicity. All electronics are environmentally sealed for increased durability and safety and are built to perform reliably in extreme conditions. The CMD is available with a 5’’, 7” or 13” screen size. While CMD5 offers more compact size and front and rear waterproof IP 66 rating, as well as appreciated tactile feel of the navigation keys. CMD7 and CMD13 offer appealing design and easy to use touch
screen navigations.

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